USDA zone, light level, and heights are generalizations. Each climate will bring out different variables for each species. Please contact Bamboo Garden at 503-647-2700, or email us at for any questions or concerns before placing an order.


  1. Pick a minimum and maximum height for the bamboo you would like to plant. It is best to use an extra few feet for the maximum height and a few feet shorter for your minumum height for better search results.
  2. Select the light level for the area you will be planting the bamboo in. One equals full shade, five equals full sun.
  3. Choose the USDA zone for your location. If you do not know your USDA zone click here to find out.
  4. The final step is to choose if you woud like a running type or a clumping type bamboo.

Go through this process for each area you would like to plant bamboo.

Light Level

1 = Full Shade

5 = Full Sun